Our housemate is moving away at the end of this month, so Shatterstag and I are looking for someone to replace him ASAP.

  • LOCATION: Brisbane, Australia. Specifically Toowong. 10 minutes from the city by train. We are a 5-minute walk away from Toowong Village (big shopping centre) and Toowong train station as well as several bus stops and a ferry terminal. There’s everything you could possibly need just five minutes away, including a Coles and a Woolworths, a gym, shops, restaurants and more!
  • THE PLACE: A lovely 3-bedroom apartment in a quiet neighbourhood with a decently-sized common area and kitchen, two bathrooms, a patio, small back yard (shared with next-door neighbours and fully maintained by the building management) and a garage. You will need to bring your own furniture for your bedroom (or buy our housemate’s furniture off him, as he is currently selling his) but the shared areas are all already furnished. We have an awesome 500GB per month internet plan. We have a big HD TV and a whole bunch of consoles, games and DVDs that anyone moving in would be able to use freely. :) We also have pet rats and some fish.
  • RENT: $145 a week per person. Bond is $666.
  • WHO WE ARE: We are Rimon and Stag. We’re both artsy, geeky, easy-going people; one of us is 23, the other 19, both female. Fairly introverted but very friendly. One of us is a uni student studying animation, the other an illustrator and graphic designer. We love having movie nights, playing games together and doing art-y stuff in our free time.
  • WHO WE’RE LOOKING FOR: Someone responsible, easy-going, open-minded, clean, friendly and trustworthy. Age 18-26. No smoking, drugs or getting absolutely hammered. We’d prefer someone with similar interests — someone geeky and/or creative — so that we would all have fun hanging around together. All in all, we just want someone nice and reliable that we can get along with who we can count on to pay the rent and bills.
  • DEADLINE: Final move-in deadline is the start of January, but we will need you to commit ASAP —— within the next couple of weeks.
  • CONTACT US: You can contact either of us through tumblr (Rimonish or Shatterstag), or email Rimon at frowni@gmail.com. From there we can give you more details and arrange a meet-up!

Please reblog this if you know anyone in the Brisbane area or anyone who is interested in moving up here. Thanks so much!!