[Brave] is less good for your sons. The male characters in the film are one-dimensional. They are either spritely, voiceless, little boys, menacing figures, buffoons, or obstacles…

I’m not sure what boys are supposed to take away from this movie, except that women aren’t cardboard cutouts. While that’s not an immaterial message, it’s more subtle than boys will probably recognize. It might lay a foundation for relationships with complicated, genuine, women in the future, and if it does then that is a good thing. But there are no role models for boys in this movie.

yeah ok because little boys dont already have tons and tons of movies with positive role models for them.
little girls are expected to be interested in media that completely revolves around men, where all the women are cardboard cutouts, because stories about men are just considered to be something EVERYONE can relate to, but a movie about women comes out and parents are advised not to take their little boys to see it because theres no way that they could be interested in a story about WOMEN

Wow, yeah, this legit makes me angry. Girls are taught to identify with male characters from an early age because all media predominantly features men as the protagonists, but boys — as we can clearly see in this article — are actively discouraged from identifying with female characters.

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